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Dressing Your Bed


Your bedroom is your sanctuary and should be a place where your signature style should shine.  Take your cue from chic hotels and pamper yourself with a lavishly made bed.  Add some comfy layers of colors and textures and indulge yourself in high style during downtime.

For a more finished look, like the boutique hotels, invest in a mattress pad that stretches and stays smooth and flat.  This adds a cushiony layer for extra comfort.  Toppers are available in down or polyester fill and start around $60.  Think about a color scheme.  For a more calm serene color scheme, neutral is best.  But if you want to add a little spice, go for rich colors and opulent textures that add a touch of glamour.  Use hues that make you feel restful and comfortable.  Soft white sheets or lightweight linens suggest a good night’s sleep.  To increase the longevity of your sheets, wash them once a week.  Purchase extra pillow cases because they generally wear out quickly.  Always use the gentle cycle and wash them separately from other laundry items. 

A solid color or double-sided duvet or comforter allows your bedding to have versatility. So whenever you decide to change it up, you won’t have to spend money on a new bed cover.  Toss in a fine throw to add a touch of warmth, pattern and texture.  Duvets and quilts give your bed a clean modern look.

When selecting pillows, treat yourself to the luxury of European pillows.  Add two layers of down pillows, one layer in a solid color another layer wearing a soft print or pattern.  Think about using silk throw pillows for accents.  Layer different patterns together, like stripes, geometric shapes and florals, to create interest.  To make your bed feel luxurious use down pillows, invest in a mattress pad, if your bed has no pillow-top mattress.  Toss in silk pillows to add texture and glamour.  When choosing bed sheets, invest in classic-style hotel sheets with detailing and trim, they give an elegant look to your bedding. 

You spend a quarter of your life in bed, so why not make it a vacation spot! 

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