Texas Salsa

This yummy southern favorite is made with black beans instead of black-eyed peas.

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Design 101: Make It Personal

Personal touches can transform any living space from blah to beautiful.  Your home should always reflect who you are and your character.  Create a space that is comfortable and inviting.   When it comes to living spaces, some say less is best. Substance, not flash, is what’s fashionable.  Good design is what you don’t see in a …

Art, Decorating, Design 101

Living with Art: Decorating with Artwork Inexpensively

Many of my readers and clients have asked the question, “How can I decorate with artwork inexpensively?” They want the luxury of having art in their home, but not the high price tag.  Can it be done…of course?  By simply placing art on the walls can actually make quite an impact on space that lacks luster or …