How To Create A Lush Living Wall

What is a living wall? A living wall is a structure that can improve indoor airflow by increasing oxygen levels and offers a multitude of health benefits.  It provides natural humidity and reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs).   Living walls can be complete, self-sustaining ecosystems. Hearty plants grouped together in a wall hanging system can make your living […]

Chinoiserie: Global Sophistication

I’m in-love with Chinoiserie!  It is one of my favorite classic decorative styles.  The word Chinoiserie is borrowed from the French word chinois, meaning Chinese.  It’s the European interpretation of Asian artistic traditions or styles in the decorative arts, garden design, architecture, and culture.  This style of décor is exuberant and will add global sophistication to […]

Designing With Pattern

Pattern is a way in which we strive to create order.  To use pattern is an art and can be more difficult than it may seem.  The following info provides ideas and information you need to design a stylish and livable home using pattern with confidence and finesse.

Design 101: Make It Personal

Personal touches can transform any living space from blah to beautiful.  Your home should always reflect who you are and your character.  Create a space that is comfortable and inviting.   When it comes to living spaces, some say less is best. Substance, not flash, is what’s fashionable.  Good design is what you don’t see in a […]