Using Interior Design Trends into your Home

Interior design trends are a lot like fashion trends, they come and they go. A number of interior design trends have potential to become classic styles; some trends will fade out as quickly as they got here. Trends are not created by waving a magic wand; they are the end result of a great deal of studying our environment including the influences that will impact our surroundings. These dynamic influences include social and economic issues, technology, lifestyles, entertainment, and most of all, the needs and desires of consumers.

{Stylish Eve}
{Stylish Eve}

You want a design that displays your personal style without having to spend a fortune on trendy items that you may be a little uncertain about, but you do like the current trend for the time being. So what do you do? As designer, I suggest you invest your money in classic styles and add small amounts of the trend throughout your space.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design
{Tobi Fairley Interior Design}


A sure-fire way to add design trends into your home is through paint color or accessories.The Pantone forecast color of the year for 2013 is Emerald, a vibrant yet calming hue. If you would like to add the trendy palette to you home decor, but you are not certain that you will adore it after a while, a quick solution to that design challenge is to disperse the color in small doses in effective ways that you will be happy with.

Toss in some accent pillows, vases or inexpensive window treatments. By creating layers of color in small quantities, you can achieve your desired look without making any major changes like purchasing a sofa or upholstering other large furniture items. Furniture trends are very iffy and costly. You must ask yourself a few questions like, does it fit your lifestyle and is it comfortable? The goal is to have the ease of changing out the trendy style when you’ve grown tired of it without draining your bank account.

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Whether it’s a pattern like animal print or the color of the year, you don’t want to use too much. These trends can be a lot of fun, but will eventually go out of style. When using trendy patterns, try to keep them out of custom window treatments because curtains are usually a large focal point and you will probably grow tired of them quickly. Unless they are inexpensive department store draperies and can be replaced with no doubts. Patterns are most effective when repeated once or twice in your design space.

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Creating a fabulous space in your home doesn’t have to be traumatic. Be bold and daring. Don’t be afraid to incorporate interior design trends in your living spaces. Invest in the classic styles and sprinkle in a little trend here and there. This will allow you to change-up your interior when the mood hits without any design regrets.

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