Decorative Bathroom Floors for a Luxurious Look

When someone says bathroom, what people usually think of is all white, shiny and a bit sterile environment. And white bathroom tiles have earned their reputation for a reason. They create the impression of clean, fresh and above all they are bright enough to allow you to match it with the color of bathroom accessories. Now, in order to avoid the monotony of 50 shades of white, you can experiment with different options for bathroom floor. If chosen smartly, a patterned, mosaic or design floor can add warmth and style to your bathroom

Wet-proof is the word

The first thing to keep in mind when talking about bathroom floors is that bathrooms are above all moist and steamy environments, and as such they require suitable flooring material. The usual flooring options like solid wood, carpet and laminate are out of the question, as they can’t withstand the damp conditions on a daily basis. Occasional showers may raise the layers of laminate floors, causing warping and swelling of the wood. Although they have many benefits, like softness and warm feeling under feet, carpet can start to rot if exposed to constant wetness. Not to mention bad odors and the cleaning.

Stone floor for bathroom

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Ubiquitous natural stone

On the other hand, stone floors are waterproof, durable and stylish. They come in a number of different varieties, from luxurious marble, to the subtle tones of limestone and slate, and the rusticity of granite. Stone floors will give your bathroom a unique finish, but bear in mind that most of the stone types are porous and need sealing. If no sealant is applied, stone tiles may absorb the moisture and stain easily. Even when they are sealed, they require a bit more maintenance than ceramic tiles. They should be swept and vacuumed for dust and eventual spills should be wiped immediately.


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Warmth of porcelain

Porcelain and ceramic tiles, on the other hand look and feel like stone, but without natural imperfections and at a lower price. They can take the beating, clean well and above all can be used in combination with underfloor heating, so they are a favorite option for bathroom renovations. Their maintenance includes sweeping and wiping with a non-abrasive mop and sponge.

Plethora floors

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Plethora of grains

Although real wood is not suitable for bathrooms, engineered wood floors which have a hardwood top layer come in many beautiful shapes. Unless specified by the manufacturer, these solid wood floors should not be used with underfloor heating. These engineered tiles are composed of a several layers of wood, with the grain of the center layer running at right angles to the outer layers. This composition is resistant to movement and warping, and can be combined with underfloor heating.

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Color palette of vinyl

The last but not the least, rubber floors are simply perfect for bathroom. They are resilient, soft, slip-resistant, easy to clean and most importantly waterproof. They come in a variety of designs, from smooth to studded patterns and in an astounding array of colors. Similarly to rubber tiles, vinyl floors come in sheets or tiles. They are hygienic and damp-proof and are delivered in a number of finishes. Maintenance-wise they are the simplest option, as just a quick mopping will bring them to life.


Written by:  Sophie Andersen

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