Stay at Home Weekend: Comfortable Media Room Decor Ideas

Not having to work on weekends – even though this is supposed to be the thing that comes by default – sometimes really makes you feel special. You’ve just lived through another horrid five days, had a lot of tasks to take care of, did a lot of good work and got as tired as dog after a hunt, and now you just want some time for yourself and your family. And exactly this time is perfect for actually not doing anything special and not traveling anywhere, visiting anyone or seeing any guests – it’s just you and a lot of rest.

A great way to have a stay at home weekend is spending it in a so-called media room, a place with a huge TV set, great sound and comfortable furniture for you to dive in. Here are some suggestions on how to create this type of space.

Living Room Media Upgrade

Living room with media upgrade
Transforming your living room into a cozy cinema

Most people use their regular living rooms as the weekend sanctuary and tend to spend most of the time here. The reason for that is more than obvious – that’s where their TV is and, thus, this is the centerpiece of their entertainment. If your living room is already big enough and has proven good in fitting all your weekend needs, you don’t have to think any more about your media room location. Yes, you can use that extra bedroom you have, but it’s not necessary. What you can do in order to “upgrade” from living to media room is add some new features and repurpose the space: install surround sound speakers – nowadays, they can even be wireless to avoid cables – and put it some comfy chairs or a sofa. And that’s it: your weekend Barney Stinson/Jerry Seinfeld-style getaway is ready.

Base-Media Room

Basement media room
From Basement to Ideal media room

For people who use their living rooms to accommodate guests and have house parties, a great way to make a media room is doing it in their basements – you need some redecorating and designing skills, but it is more than doable. With a good plan and a list of items you want to include in this room, you can even do it yourself. So, what you need are three standard media room accessories – a big screen TV, or just a screen you will project the image onto, a set of speakers and some seats – but, in a basement, you can add more things, like bookcases, pool table or even a bar. DIY decorating is preferable in order to achieve the highest level of comfort, and this kind of space can lead to personal to “man caves”, but can also be rather stylish and elegant, as featured all around movie and TV productions, from Iron Man to The Sopranos.

Outdoor Enjoyment

Media room made of shipping container
Outdoor media room

In case you have a big garden with lots of unused space, you can create a media room outside – physically separate from your house, but still very close. There are numerous options, from turning your garage into a repurposed space to redecorating your big tool shed. Another modern and a quite popular solution is remodeling a shipping container and creating a media room inside this high-quality structure. It can be designed to fit all your necessities, like the ones from Royal Wolf that are spacious enough, adaptable and even sound insulted so your neighbors won’t mind.

The Weekend Can Begin!

Having a media room to spend your free weekends at means that you will be more relaxed and better prepared for the following week – but it also means that you have a newly purposed space for decorating and designing projects that will lead to a chic and trendy room for your enjoyment of movies, television shows, sports and so much more.

Written by:  Sophie Andersen

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