Design 101: Make It Personal

Personal touches can transform any living space from blah to beautiful.  Your home should always reflect who you are and your character.  Create a space that is comfortable and inviting.   When it comes to living spaces, some say less is best. Substance, not flash, is what’s fashionable.  Good design is about what you don’t see in a room.  Collect items that suit your style, mood and color sense.


Photo credit: Houzz
If you are a collector, bring a few elements into the room to make a point. Organize your collections.  Group like objects, such as colored glass, masks or even books and use the grouping as a design element.  If you spread them out you will lose the impact.  Limit yourself to one collection per room and place them where you will enjoy them.  Express your culture with images of your history.
{source: Black-Poole}
Strive for a sense of balance and take space, color, lighting, texture, and scale into consideration.  Find your inspiration in colorful hues and bold prints.  You can break up a room that has a lot of wood or upholstery with texture; mixing textiles, glass, woods, and metals.  Delve into cultures that interest you for design ideas.   Instead of using one influence, mix it up.  Blend modern classics with global influences.
Create a space that makes you feel as if you are on vacation.  Narrow your focus.  It’s important to keep furnishings in the room neutral and let a few accessories express the theme.  Collect items that suit your style, mood and color sense.  Surround yourself with items that uniquely express your personality.

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