Prepare your home for spring: Must-do cleaning list

Winter is the period of the year when we naturally get drowsy, grumpy and dull. The mood that we are is often reflected in our home. Only a few people have a will and nerve to cope with more demanding home cleaning duties during winter. Of course, you cannot leave your home turn into a messy den, but we mostly vacuum, wipe the dust and wash the curtains. All other chores are usually put on standby until the sun grows, the day becomes longer and we finally get out of our winter masks of gloom.

When the spring finally arrives, and it is most often with the first week of March (or September, depending on the hemisphere) that we can tell the difference and greet the newborn Sun of spring. As spring draws near, we need to deal with all the neglect that our home has experienced during the winter months. Depending on the amount of money you are ready to spend for spring cleaning, there are many things that can be done and we will mention a few of them in this post.

Catch the first sun

New Items Make The Home Look Fresher

Although it is not easy to buy new items of furniture after every season, there are some small details that are economical and will contribute a lot to the freshness of a home. First of all, you can go with new curtains for spring and summer. Since these periods mean a lot of sunny days, it would be nice to opt for flower and generally lighter patterns on curtains. That way you will make your rooms look tenant-friendly and ready for the new amount of sun rays.
Getting new curtains is always a good option but, you should also consider changing your floor-coverings, such as an area rug with a large graphic or bold pattern. While carpets are usually more expensive, rugs are more easily acquired. Of course, instead of buying the new ones, you should have your carpet cleaned. There are many products on the market that can make your carpet look new again.

Do Wardrobe Cleansing

Keep wardrobe clean

When it is cold outside, we tend to buy and gather more clothes than we actually need. So to make your life easier and your living space brighter by throwing away the unnecessary things from your wardrobe. While your winter wardrobe should be put away, you should also sort through your summer clothes. Toss out those outdated things you don’t need. Once your wardrobe is uncluttered, your home can breathe easily and allow positive energy flow through.

Plants Bring Spring

Beautiful Tulips

One of the most efficient methods for refreshing and reinvigorating your home for spring is by introducing new plants to your place. The plants can vary from crawlers, regular plants in pots to flowers. Also, if you have a balcony or a few of them, you can plant real flowers in pots on the balcony and make your flat or house look really magic from outside. Together with the flower patterns on your curtains and (why not) your bedclothes, they will make a perfect match for the forthcoming spring and summer days.


Written by:  Sophie Andersen | Blogger | Australia

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