Home Theater in New Modern House

Stay at home weekend: Comfortable Media Room Decor Ideas

Not having to work on weekends – even though this is supposed to be thing that comes by default – sometimes really makes you feel special. You’ve just lived through another horrid five days, had a lot of tasks to take care of, did a lot of good work and got as tired as dog Read More


How to mix patterns in home décor

Have you ever felt a desire to do something wild and daring with your home but never had the chance? Have you spent countless hours looking at pictures of rooms with daring designs, furniture with unusual lines, patterns looking perfect against each other even though that never seemed possible? Combining different prints and patterns can Read More


Floor decorating ideas: stylish & elegant

New age of flooring design is coming. It is more likely that we will be seeing different patterns in future instead of the old monotonous looks that we used to have in the previous years. People are attempting to simplify their living space with less furniture and to have more “air to breathe”. This trend Read More

Using Interior Design Trends into your Home

Interior design trends are a lot like fashion trends, they come and they go. A number of interior design trends have potential to become classic styles; some trends will fade out as quickly as they got here. Trends are not created by waving a magic wand; they are the end result of a great deal Read More