Interior Design


Shop This Style is a unique online shopping experience for client’s who want to bypass resourcing because of their busy lifestyles. This savvy home and decor shopping service includes a .  Principal Designer, Shandra Ward, has curated a catalog of stylish and unique home furnishings. 


Signature Spaces is an online interior decorating service for clients who want the thrill of re-inventing their living environment, but need a little push in the right direction.  You'll receive a Concept Board, Budget Sheet, Curated Shopping List with links to directly purchase the selections, Furniture Floor Plan, and samples (samples depend on Scope of Work). and fabrics to complete the makeover of any room, including source links and prices  at competitive prices.


We offer designs services to fit your budget.  From color consulting to room makeovers, Signature Designs has the service for you.  


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

There are many things that can spark the Christmas spirit; the arrival of cold weather, the smell of cookies baking in the oven, or the presence of family. But nothing seems to trigger the magical feelings of the holiday season quite like holiday decorations.