Textile Designs

Beautiful Textile Designs that Bring Out the Best in Interior Spaces

TEXTILES by Signature Designs specializes in creating quality digital illustrations and patterns for wallpaper, fabric and home decor.  We work with industry professionals who share our values to help bring out the splendor of our finished products.  Our mission is to create beautiful textile designs that bring out the best in interior spaces and stylish apparel.  These collections are inspired by nature, history, color, and life.

We love mixing various elements to create prints that reflect innovation and style.  We provide the finest designs of quality for homemakers who are creating the home of their dreams through Bedding, Window Treatments, Pillows and Upholstery projects. Our designs are sold to professional interior designers and decorators at comparable trade pricing.




Our designs are perfect for Pillows, Table Linens, Napkins, Dinnerware, Kitchen Towels, Place-mats, Table Runners and much more.

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