Ideas for preparing your kid’s birthday

If your child is about to celebrate his or her birthday, a great way to celebrate their love for animals is to plan an animal-themed birthday party.  The bond between children and animals is somewhat difficult to explain. Children seem to react quite instinctively and positively to animals they are introduced to. No matter if those animals are parrots, dogs, cats or even some wild animals in the zoo, kids usually expose a high level of adoration and attraction to animals.  The following ideas are for kids from 3 to 6 years of age.

Fairytale animals come true

Once you have decided that your child's birthday is going to be a thematic one and that the theme is going to be the animal world, it would be quite handy to engage some fairy tale characters into the whole story. That can be done by dressing up yourself and your spouse as Winnie the Pooh, Bagheera or Baloo from The Jungle Book, or some more up-to-date characters, such as Shrek or Donkey. In addition to that, you can make children dress up as fairy tale animal characters.

Plants and animals hand in hand

Dressing up as fictional characters can be quite a demanding task for your fellow parents and their children. Maybe it would be wise that you extend the range of fairy tale characters to plants, as well. While girls like to be princesses and boys most often pirates, they can find inspiration in fairy tales. They can also make up their own flower or plant that could be from a fairy tale. It is most probable that girls will be more into making a flower costume. To avoid social differences popping up, you can write on the invitation card that every costume is welcome. That way some kids whose parents cannot afford making a real costume can still dress up as a flower simply by wearing a flower girls' dress and making a flower crown for the head.

A fairy-tale cake

What would a fairy-tale birthday be without a proper and genuine fairy-tale cake? If you are skillful and like making cakes yourself, there are many recipes for incredible cakes all over the Internet. For instance, some people have already made cakes inspired by the wonderful Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris and many other fairytale-like edifices. Apart from that, children at that age still love when you read them stories, so, why not making a cake in the shape of a fairy-tale book. If the party is the animal-themed one, the cake can also be a character from a fairy tale.

All the above-mentioned steps related to the process of organizing your kid's birthday may not be easy, but it will be fun.  Create a budget and sort out your ideas to make the party a roaring success.  If your budget is substantial, you can just hire birthday party animators and professional organizers to prepare everything. Your ultimate goal is to make sure your child feel special and loved on their special day.

Written by Sophie Anderson

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