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Bedroom Luxury: It’s All In The Details

Create bedroom luxury by paying attention to the details. Turning your master suite into a luxurious sanctuary is easier than you think. It is possible to give your room a touch of style that only looks expensive. There are numerous ways to replicate the feeling of lux living in your very own home.

If you have been perusing through home decor magazines and Pinterest for inspiration, luxurious bedrooms use a lot of deep rich colors, on walls, in fabrics, in accessories. Create a tranquil space to call your own by paying attention to the details.


If you are going to hang curtains, they should be hung from the ceiling. Hanging them right over the window will box in the window and make your ceiling appear shorter. Luxury homes have higher ceilings, so hang your curtains as high as you possibly can.


Choose your paint colors with care. Don’t be afraid of color, go bold, or go home. If you want something a bit more subtle, try painting your doors in high gloss in a rich color such as black, navy blue, or aubergine. Bold wallpaper is an awesome option for an accent wall.


Invest in good-quality lamps. Top them with elegant lampshades, such as a barrel shade or tall narrow cylinder shade. Chandeliers are a symbol of luxury and would look in an unexpected place, like the bathroom.

Architectural features. The most recognized feature when it comes to luxury is crown molding. This relatively inexpensive touch will dramatically improve your home’s appearance.


Place bouquets in a small bowl on a coffee table or dining table. Vases of white tulips freshen and liven up any room. Remember to change out the water and trim the stems on a regular basis.


Area rugs and pillows can pull a room together for an added layer of texture, color, plus it gives the room a more luxurious feel. Get fancy and mix textures and colors to add dimension. Pamper yourself with a lavishly made bed. Add some comfy layers of colors and textures and indulge yourself in high style during downtime. A luxurious throw blanket adds instant style to the foot of your bed.

Create the bedroom luxury you deserve.

Make a bold statement in your master suite. It should be tranquil and a space that exudes your personality. As with so many other things in life, it’s all about the details.

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