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Dining Al Fresco: Create an Outdoor Dining Room

An exterior dining room can have many positive effects on human health First of all, you spend time in the fresh air. Secondly, you are surrounded by nature and greenery. Finally, having meals outside or in different places also serves as a sort of escape from everyday routines. Whether it’s spring or summer, dining al …

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How To Plan, Prep and Pack For Diner En Blanc

What is Diner en Blanc? Dîner en Blanc was born in Paris. This all-white chic picnic is no ordinary picnic. You must get invited by someone who is already a member or you can join the Houston Waiting List to receive an invitation. Guests must wear white, bring a table, chairs, decor, and food. Ç’est …

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Entertaining with Style: 4th of July

Red, White & Ooooo! The 4th of July is one of my favorite summer celebrations and it’s easy to design. You already know the color scheme, all you have to do is add a lotta style!.  And there is no such thing as overkill!   It’s all about love and freedom! We surfed the internet …