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Easy Ways To Transform A Small Space With Color

Decorating a small space can have its challenges. But adding color is a great way to take a small space and create a big statement. First thing is to think about the function of the room and decide what type of feeling you want the room to emit.

 If you want to make the room feel larger use light colors. To bring warmness to your living space, use saturated, rich hues, like reds, oranges, and golds. High energy colors work well in breakfast areas, while calm colors like seafoam green, sky blues, and whites work well in bathrooms and bedrooms. Keep contrasting colors to a minimum, different colors for the wall, ceiling, and floor will make your space feel disjointed and incoherent.

 My favorite tips for adding color to small spaces:

A bold color or a and big, bold pattern used on a headboard, is the perfect option for those who are still not sure about using color on the walls.

Using lighter colors makes the walls recede and create a bright, airy feel. Neutral colors like grays and natural hues work well in small spaces, especially bedrooms and bathrooms.

Paint an unexpected pop of color against a neutral backdrop. Use a lighter shade, to subtly emphasize the trim and any architectural detail.

Bold and bright colors are best for an accent wall. Large-scale patterns and graphic prints will definitely make a statement. Using small prints will appear too busy and chaotic.

Use a small dose of complementary colors via accent pillows or wall art.

Rich colors work better under incandescent lighting. It makes the color appear deeper.

Add depth by using solid colors. If you are considering using an all-white room, use a tone-on-tone to add visual interest. It provides a sense of depth without adding disorganized elements.

Use as much vertical space you can. Look at it as an opportunity to make a statement by hanging a large piece of artwork or take your bold-colored bookshelves all the way to the ceiling.

When choosing furniture, you want to have a mixture of large and small to keep the room balanced. A large console or buffet painted in a rich hue could be a great focal point.

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