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Signature Designs is an award-winning design firm that offers professional services in interior design.  We have been designing creative and innovative spaces for Houston and abroad for over 15 years.  We work to create a fluid environment where all the elements are complementary, creating a sophisticated atmosphere that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Design Assistance

What's Your Design Personality?

Decorating your home should be fun!  Take this quick quiz to discover your design personality to get those creative gears going.

Design Dilemma?

Ask The Designer is an opportunity for our social media fans and followers to get exclusive design advice from the designer, Shandra Ward, related to one room or a specific area in your home.

The Educated Client

The Educated Client is a guide to help consumers understand the interior design process. It also has decorating tips and details on why you should hire an interior designer.  Download for FREE!

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