How do we accessorize and add details to our home?

Accessorizing is a quick and sure way to add personality and details to any living space.  Over the years, the interior design industry has seen many product designers creating accessories that are both art pieces and functional items.  The growing design scene offers plenty of options to give your home that extra appeal.  Redecorating your home does have to be a daunting task.   Decide on a concept for your direction, then select a few accents and decorative items that suit your taste.   Accessories can serve as a function, like mirrors, they create and reflect light. 

Start with Your Coffee Table

Whether your coffee table is a DIY project,  thrift store find, a pair of inexpensive Ikea end tables, or the statement piece you splurged on, take the time to decorate and style like you would any other area of your home. When accessorizing, collect and curate items that you love.  And you will see that they will develop a language that speaks to each other. After all, it’s frequently the centerpiece of many homes, especially if you live in a smaller house or apartment.

Make use of nature-inspired accessories

Natural elements in a living space are nurturing.  Natural elements always bring warmth and coziness to an interior space.  If you’re going to use natural elements, make sure you can see that it’s natural, such as the grain of the wood, the weave of the baskets.  Use plants to accessorize, they have a sculptural element to them.  Use green plants instead of flowering plants.  Succulents and wicker bring a warm element in the space. Add pillows to a plain sofa to create instant pizzazz.  Natural interiors add personality and texture.

source: Home Depot
Give your space that wow factor

A home should always have a point of interest (focal point) to seek out opportunities to bring in a WOW factor.  The idea behind creating a focal point is that you’re emphasizing something by using contrasting elements with what’s going on in the living space. You can create more than one focal point in a design plan and, depending on what your intention is, those focal points can either compete with each other or one can be greater in importance and the other secondary. It’s all in what your purpose is — what you’re trying to communicate.

source: Hobby Lobby

Changing up your living space with accessories every now and again can keep it current and refreshing.  The end result is even more rewarding when you have a good base to work with. Timeless furniture pieces allow you to create an endless look by simply changing your accessories.  Don’t be afraid to add things to your interior.  Play with levels, levels create interest.  Be consistent and keep it personal.

source: Google Search

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