A home office has become an essential space for many, since the invasion of COVID-19. Businesses, large and small, are moving their office into the home and communicating through instant messaging platforms such as Skype, Evernote, and Zoom to delegate tasks.  Depending on the type of business you run, working in an office space will soon be a thing of the past. 

If you are starting to work from home, there are several ways to create a home office on a budget.  The key to a successful home office design is to plan it out, make the right furniture selections and make sure your selections can function in the capacity you need to be productive and not just a showpiece. 


Find a designated area that will work as your office space.  Whether it’s a large stair landing, a small closet, a spare room, or an unused corner of the living room; seek out an area you will be comfortable and happy to work in. If possible, use a room with a door.  This will keep out the noise when you on a call and when you need a bit of quiet to think.  If not, make sure the office space has enough room for you to work and be productive.  Take time to measure your space and create a floor plan on graph paper. Take your measurements when you are shopping for your office furniture.  This will keep you from making major design mistakes.   

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Make a list of the office essentials you will need (i.e., desk, desk chair, file cabinet, printer, internet, computer, …).  Invest in a printer that has scanning capabilities; this will save you money by not having to purchase a fax machine and having a designated phone line to send and receive faxes.   

When seeking furniture options, shop your home to see what you can use in your new home office. You may be able to cut costs tremendously by using what already exists.  Do you have some pictures that would be inspiring and decorative on the walls of your workspace? If not, visit your local resale or Goodwill store.  Their prices are good and you may be able to find something interesting that will add a sophisticated feel to your home office.  Ikea and Walmart are great places to shop as well.  Take time when setting up your home office; you don’t need everything at once.  Create a wish list of items you want and watch for sales.  This way, you can get what you want.   


When shopping for office supplies, look to Walmart and dollar stores for pens, copy paper, file folders, staples, paper clips, and other office supplies that won’t break the bank.  If you want to add some style to your office supplies, check out my Amazon site for my favorite office supplies and decor. It is my go-to for nearly everything I have in my home office.  Like, an acrylic stapler, gold paper clips and staples, pens, trays, and a lot more.  Also, invest in a surge protector for your printer and computer.  

Stylish Office Supplies
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Get creative when decorating your space.  Think of ways you can create shelves, filing systems, and in-and-out boxes. Use a decorative flower pot to hold pencils and scissors. Bring in plants and inspiring artwork. Include adequate lighting and music.  After all, you will be spending a lot of time in your new home office—it should be a comfortable space and exude your style personality. 

The advantage of working at home is having the freedom to make your space your own. Be creative and feel free to take a snack break. ?

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