The holidays are almost upon us and you know what that means, guests are coming.  

Your goal is to make them feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed. Just think about what you use or need every day and provide that for your guests. There are some essentials that are needed to create a perfect guest room.  I have created a list of Tips for Creating a Well-Appointed Guest Room.

I have listed my top tips for creating a stylish, well-appointed guest room that would make any visitor want to stay awhile.

  • De-clutter – Remove anything that will not be used by your guests.
  • Take your cues from chic hotels and pamper your guest with a lavishly made bed – Add comfort, color, and texture by layering down pillows in a solid color and another layer in a soft print or pattern. Use decorative pillows, like stripes, geometric shapes, and florals, to create interest.
  • When choosing bed sheets, invest in classic-style hotel sheets with detailing and trim.  They give an elegant look to your bedding. For a more finished look, like the boutique hotels, use a comforter or a double-sided duvet.  This will allow your bedding to have versatility. So whenever you decide to change it up, you won’t have to spend money on a new bed cover.
  • Toss in a fine throw to add a touch of warmth, pattern, and texture. Duvets and quilts give your bed a clean modern look.
  • Create a cozy place to sit – A side chair or sofa is a nice addition to a guest room. It provides another place to sit and read or take an afternoon nap.
  • Drawer and closet space – Clear at least a foot or two of pole space in the closet and provide coat hangers.  Also, clear out at least one or two drawers for small items
  • Desk and chair – In today’s fast-paced world, many people travel with their laptops and tablets, so leave a note on the desk with the information on how to log on to your internet service.
  • Good lighting – Provide a good reading light next to the chair or sofa, on the desk, and of course next to the bed.
  • Privacy – Choose window coverings that not only add to the character of the room but provide privacy and light control.  Layered window treatments with room darkening shades will provide privacy for those who like to sleep late.

  • The Essentials – Extra sheets and pillows, a luggage rack or a bench to place luggage, clock, mirror, fresh towels, soap, and extra toiletries

These are a few simple, stress-free, and affordable ways to make your guests feel welcomed even if it’s not during the holidays.

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