Prepare your home for spring: Must-do cleaning list

Winter is the period of the year when we naturally get drowsy, grumpy and dull. The mood that we are is often reflected in our home. Only a few people have a will and nerve to cope with more demanding home cleaning duties during winter. Of course, you cannot leave your home turn into a messy den, but we mostly vacuum, wipe the dust and wash the curtains. All other chores are usually put on standby until the sun grows, the day becomes longer and we finally get out of our winter masks of gloom.

When the spring finally arrives, and it is most often with the first week of March (or September, depending on the hemisphere) that we can tell the difference and greet the newborn Sun of spring. As spring draws near, we need to deal with all the neglect that our home has experienced during the winter months. Depending on the amount of money you are ready to spend for spring cleaning, there are many things that can be done and we will mention a few of them in this post.

Catch the first sun

New Items Make The Home Look Fresher

Although it is not easy to buy new items of furniture after every season, there are some small details that are economical and will contribute a lot to the freshness of a home. First of all, you can go with new curtains for spring and summer. Since these periods mean a lot of sunny days, it would be nice to opt for flower and generally lighter patterns on curtains. That way you will make your rooms look tenant-friendly and ready for the new amount of sun rays.
Getting new curtains is always a good option but, you should also consider changing your floor-coverings, such as an area rug with a large graphic or bold pattern. While carpets are usually more expensive, rugs are more easily acquired. Of course, instead of buying the new ones, you should have your carpet cleaned. There are many products on the market that can make your carpet look new again.

Do Wardrobe Cleansing

Keep wardrobe clean

When it is cold outside, we tend to buy and gather more clothes than we actually need. So to make your life easier and your living space brighter by throwing away the unnecessary things from your wardrobe. While your winter wardrobe should be put away, you should also sort through your summer clothes. Toss out those outdated things you don’t need. Once your wardrobe is uncluttered, your home can breathe easily and allow positive energy flow through.

Plants Bring Spring

Beautiful Tulips

One of the most efficient methods for refreshing and reinvigorating your home for spring is by introducing new plants to your place. The plants can vary from crawlers, regular plants in pots to flowers. Also, if you have a balcony or a few of them, you can plant real flowers in pots on the balcony and make your flat or house look really magic from outside. Together with the flower patterns on your curtains and (why not) your bedclothes, they will make a perfect match for the forthcoming spring and summer days.


Written by:  Sophie Andersen | Blogger | Australia

Stay at Home Weekend: Comfortable Media Room Decor Ideas

Not having to work on weekends – even though this is supposed to be the thing that comes by default – sometimes really makes you feel special. You’ve just lived through another horrid five days, had a lot of tasks to take care of, did a lot of good work and got as tired as dog after a hunt, and now you just want some time for yourself and your family. And exactly this time is perfect for actually not doing anything special and not traveling anywhere, visiting anyone or seeing any guests – it’s just you and a lot of rest.

A great way to have a stay at home weekend is spending it in a so-called media room, a place with a huge TV set, great sound and comfortable furniture for you to dive in. Here are some suggestions on how to create this type of space.

Living Room Media Upgrade

Living room with media upgrade
Transforming your living room into a cozy cinema

Most people use their regular living rooms as the weekend sanctuary and tend to spend most of the time here. The reason for that is more than obvious – that’s where their TV is and, thus, this is the centerpiece of their entertainment. If your living room is already big enough and has proven good in fitting all your weekend needs, you don’t have to think any more about your media room location. Yes, you can use that extra bedroom you have, but it’s not necessary. What you can do in order to “upgrade” from living to media room is add some new features and repurpose the space: install surround sound speakers – nowadays, they can even be wireless to avoid cables – and put it some comfy chairs or a sofa. And that’s it: your weekend Barney Stinson/Jerry Seinfeld-style getaway is ready.

Base-Media Room

Basement media room
From Basement to Ideal media room

For people who use their living rooms to accommodate guests and have house parties, a great way to make a media room is doing it in their basements – you need some redecorating and designing skills, but it is more than doable. With a good plan and a list of items you want to include in this room, you can even do it yourself. So, what you need are three standard media room accessories – a big screen TV, or just a screen you will project the image onto, a set of speakers and some seats – but, in a basement, you can add more things, like bookcases, pool table or even a bar. DIY decorating is preferable in order to achieve the highest level of comfort, and this kind of space can lead to personal to “man caves”, but can also be rather stylish and elegant, as featured all around movie and TV productions, from Iron Man to The Sopranos.

Outdoor Enjoyment

Media room made of shipping container
Outdoor media room

In case you have a big garden with lots of unused space, you can create a media room outside – physically separate from your house, but still very close. There are numerous options, from turning your garage into a repurposed space to redecorating your big tool shed. Another modern and a quite popular solution is remodeling a shipping container and creating a media room inside this high-quality structure. It can be designed to fit all your necessities, like the ones from Royal Wolf that are spacious enough, adaptable and even sound insulted so your neighbors won’t mind.

The Weekend Can Begin!

Having a media room to spend your free weekends at means that you will be more relaxed and better prepared for the following week – but it also means that you have a newly purposed space for decorating and designing projects that will lead to a chic and trendy room for your enjoyment of movies, television shows, sports and so much more.

Written by:  Sophie Andersen

Modular Kitchens: Not an Easy Job to Design and Maintain Them

Kitchens are now being considered to be an important part of the house which needs equal attention as far as style and comfort are concerned. In fact, kitchens have gone on to become multi-functional areas which not only denote an area for cooking but a comfort zone, dining space, showpiece of the home or a corner for a party. Therefore, it is essential that the space is given special treatment when one is planning a renovation or going in for a new place.


Advantages of Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchens have become the order of the day due to the ease and comfort that they provide. They have redefined the homes by giving them a complete look. The modular kitchens provide everything from storage and convenience to comfort and exquisiteness. The chimney considered a part of the modular kitchen effectively emits the smoke while the drawers of various sizes provide effective storage for vessels, containers, and cutlery. Moreover, these kitchens can be customized as per one’s requirement, convenience and budget.

While it is a fact that modular kitchens have changed the face of kitchens, it must not be forgotten that designing and maintaining a modular kitchen is equally difficult. Therefore, one should be informed and know how to go about designing and maintaining a modular kitchen.

Tips on Designing and Maintaining Modular Kitchens

Here are some tips on how to design and maintain such kitchens:

Effective Plan: it is essential to get the modular kitchen designed in a way that is convenient. While everything looks good in pictures, in magazines or in stores, it must be useful as well. The kitchen space must be well adapted so that one gets the best of space utilization. One can get the help of interior designers as they can get the right combination of function and beauty within a set budget.

Choice of material: it is important to choose a material that is trendy, stylish and yet useful. While granite tops and marble slabs are preferred, there can be a combination of steel, stone, and glass. Materials can have a matte finish, high gloss finish, fabric finish, texture finish or be marine ply or medium density fiber. For those that are looking for high-end kitchen solutions, opting for the German acrylic finish or the higher ranged lacquered finish is the ideal option. However, one must consider the maintenance of the kitchen as well and choose a material that blends with the rest of the house and is easy to maintain. Each of the materials has its pros and cons, thereby making it essential to research before getting one applied to the modular kitchen. One must be well versed in the maintenance requirements of each material so that there are no problems later on.

Colors and Fixtures: the kitchen must be the brightest spot of the house as it must exude a fun and friendly space where cooking is not a chore but a pleasant activity. There is no dearth of colors and color combinations that give the kitchen a bold and bright look. While choosing an appropriate color is important to give the kitchen a stylish look, it is equally important to choose lighting fixtures that impart a bright look to the kitchen and not produce shadows. The workspace should be well lit so that one is able to see and work properly. The focus of designing a modular kitchen should be on ergonomics, energy efficiency, and sustainability.


Maintenance of Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchens give a stylish and modern look to the house only when they are maintained properly. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the shelves, tabletops and the drawers clean. As the concept of open areas is growing, the wall between the living room and the kitchen is coming down. With open spaces, kitchens must be clean and tidy.

The maintenance of the modular kitchen includes keeping the counter-top, the drawers, and the cupboards clean. As the drawers can be rolled out, they can be cleaned regularly. Depending upon the material used, these areas can be cleaned with a moist cloth to soak in the dirt and grime. The chimney must be cleaned at regular intervals to prevent clogging of pores. Since the drawers are lined with steel fittings to accommodate the utensils, containers and other vessels, they must be kept dry to avoid rusting. The homeowners can clean the kitchens regularly on their own or get an annual maintenance contract for a thorough cleaning session.

Our guest blogger today is Jason Phillips.  Jason likes to experiment with styles that lend a distinctive touch to his home and he shares some creative ideas on modular kitchens. He is also running a site where you get handmade and solid wood kitchens.

Floor Decorating Ideas: Stylish & Elegant

The new age of flooring design is coming. It is more likely that we will be seeing different patterns in future instead of the old monotonous looks that we used to have in the previous years. People are attempting to simplify their living space with less furniture and to have more “air to breathe”. This trend leaves more space for many other opportunities. For instance, if you choose to put only one mirror and one sitting bench into your hallway, then you can accent it with a unique choice of floor design instead of overdoing it with unnecessary details.

Black and white floors

Abstract black and white floors

As we mentioned before, rooms with less furniture are perfect for some interesting floor designing. You might have seen many movies in which floors are represented in various interesting black and white combinations. So, why do filmmakers choose these floors particularly? First of all, these are contrast colors which can be very effective and eye-catching. Secondly, it opens the space giving you the impression that the room is larger than it actually is. In addition, we can also mention that different geometric combinations can also give three-dimensional air, especially if you choose a labyrinth pattern. You can also choose chess board or puzzle patterns which will give to your room a dose of mysticism and some special charm.

Decorative Floor tiles

Authentic hardwood floors

For your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen, you will probably use hardwood floors. Due to its durability and warmth, wood is a perfect choice for more intimate spaces where you will be spending a lot of your free time. You can also experiment with wooden floors too. For instance, you don’t need to select only one type of wood for parquet flooring. By mixing oak with rosewood, oak or mahogany, you will be able to get very interesting flooring patterns which could possibly look a bit retro but stylish. If Russian emperors were using them, why wouldn’t you? You do not have as much money as Russian emperors had, no problem. Swedes would simply repaint their old hardwood flooring and it would still look gorgeous.

Interesting floor decoration

Carpeting and selection of a rug

For those who have less money to invest in flooring, carpeting is very cheap but interesting and good-looking flooring option. There are almost endless possibilities in selecting an appropriate pattern which will suit you best. You can find it in many colors, so it will match your walls or furniture perfectly. Or you can choose simple, one colored carpeting and then add some details by putting an interesting rug over it. Shaggy rugs can give the whole new dimension to your home. Placing a rug on top of carpet? Why not?! You can even cover your walls with cotton creating a comfortable atmosphere from Parisian bedrooms.

Whatever your plans are, use your imagination and creativity to bring them to life. Search for different ideas in different cultures. In this article particularly, we traveled from Russia to Sweden and France, mixing their knowledge to give you a good starting point and guide you even further than what you have experienced or you are expecting to see every day.

Written by:  Sophie Andersen – Lifestyle Writer | Blogger

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How to Mix Patterns in Home Décor

Have you ever felt a desire to do something wild and daring with your home but never had the chance? Have you spent countless hours looking at pictures of rooms with daring designs, furniture with unusual lines, patterns looking perfect against each other even though that never seemed possible? Combining different prints and patterns can make a room really come alive, but the question is — how not to make your room look like a circus in the end? Here is some basic information considering patterns mixing in your home:

Balance is the key

First of all, remember these magic numbers: 60-30-10. It is an approach to home decoration where you should first have 60 percent of your favorite pattern, 30 percent of another pattern, and 10 percent of a third one just to accent everything. Try three patterns in a range of scales and see how it works out, don’t be afraid to experiment a bit. Keep in mind that using the same colours with different patterns can help balance things out and make even disparate patterns seem well-placed and in harmony. Emphasis should be put on underplayed shared colours in the patterns.

Floral Pattern

Image found on

Size does matter

Remember this: large pieces go well with large patterns while small patterns are perfect for small pieces. When choosing the place for the patterns you decided to use, always have in mind the space in which it will be placed. A large pattern works best on a large item, such as a wall, window treatment or area rug, because the space is large enough to accommodate the pattern in its entirety.  A medium pattern is better suited to furniture and a small pattern to accent pieces.  (Note: Sometimes, small patterns can look busy when used is large amounts.)

Patterns in action

Image found on

Toile + toile + stripes

Toile represents a scenic print filled with people and animals in action (seems a bit formal). It may seem too much even on its own, let alone adding something to it. However, if it’s carefully layered and has some stripes added to it, it can feel right. Try this: use one richly-coloured, large toile for the drapes and add some more only with less vivid backgrounds. Unbelievably, all this can be unified with some lovely, striped rugs and pillows in soft colours which will connect all.


Zigzag + Scroll + Geometric

Do not be afraid to fill the room with sharp, black-and-white patterns if you like it. Just make sure you also use softeners such as scroll pillows in soft tones, cocoa-coloured sofa, and emerald green plants. If you choose to put some crazy wallpapers on your walls, it might be a good idea to put in on one wall only, rather than all four. Also, it should be the wall in front of which comes the sofa and the armchairs. While you want to enjoy it when you walk in, it might be tiring to look at it all the time.


source: + Gingham

If you like floral patterns, you might want to temper it with simple pillows: giant gingham pattern looks great. Plain white furniture makes floral print feel modern rather than boring and old.


Written by:  Sophie Andersen – Lifestyle Writer | Blogger

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An Inimitable Icon: Charles Eames

There are so many fantastic designers of furniture in the world but few have been able to hold a candle to the truly inimitable Charles Eames – one of the 20th century’s most iconic and celebrated creators of designer furniture. The wonderfully talented designer was born in 1907 in St. Louis and he went on to become one of the most important designers of his (or indeed any) generation.
When you think of designers and who inspires them, the vast majority will list Eames highly on their list of inspirations and this is because he had a supremely inventive mind and was one of the main catalysts for the Modernist movement of furniture design – taking it out of the mundane and reinventing the way in which people approached design. Eames was responsible for crafting some truly extraordinary pieces of designer furniture but the one for which he is perhaps best known is the extremely iconic and functional DSW Chair (which you can see below).
This piece was first released in 1948 and Eames designed it as an entry to a low-cost furniture competition being run by the Museum of Modern Art in New York – safe to say that it impressed and remains on permanent display in the museum to this day. Charles Eames really is an iconic name in the world of design and such is the skill of the man that his designs, most of which are over half a century old, still look fantastic and relevant in today’s contemporary, modern homes.
Charles Eames will be forever remembered as one of the last century’s most important designers and his skill and invention have never been bettered either before or since. For anyone looking for some iconic, statement pieces of furniture for their homes in 2014, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with Charles Eames’ back catalog of work.
You can see more of Eames’ design at SwivelUK.

Written by:  Leo Parker

Dressing your Door with Holiday Style

Christmas is just around the corner and this means fun, festivities and a chance to decorate the house! Where better way to show off your holiday spirit to your friends and neighbours than by getting creative with the door! Here are some tips and advice on how to decorate your door for this special time of year.

Colour Schemes

Coming up with a colour scheme is harder than it looks! Festive colours may not necessarily go with the exterior of your house, so getting colours that work well together might be tricky. Have fun and experiment to see what works best for you.


 Image source:

Using Natural Materials

There is so much flora and fauna that makes this time of year so beautiful. Get back into nature and use seasonal plants like fir, holly, mistletoe, ivy and other evergreens. Even bare branches reflect the winter season.


 Image source:

Ribbons and other Ornaments

The addition of ribbons and other Christmas ornaments can create an effective decorative piece. For a simple and inexpensive style, tying a festive ribbon around the door knocker can have a great effect.


 Image source:


Candles and fairy lights create a magical glow around your door. If you have windows in your door, place candles on the inside so they are protected from the elements, yet visible from the outside.


Image source:


Whether large or small, door decorations come in a range of sizes. You may prefer arrangements like wreaths, ornaments, or large plant arrangements that go right around your door.  There’s something out there for everyone. Get creative!


 Image source:


Wreaths are the classic door decoration.   They come in a range of styles! Choose a traditional style with greenery and berries or go for a wreath with a more modern touch with bare branches or metal shapes.


 Image source:


Making your own door decorations allows you to put a personal touch to the holiday season. Look at tutorials online and experiment with different materials to create a unique decorative look.


 Image source:


Christmas is expensive to celebrate at the best of times, so save yourself the heartache and look for less lavish decorations, whether they are home-made or from second-hand stores.


 Image source:

Classic Looks

Traditional decorations always look great. Invest in holly and other plants and if you like. Use angels and reindeer for a more jolly look. Hanging mistletoe over the doorway is also an old favourite!


 Image source:

Modern Looks

Contemporary looks are amazing because you can change traditional forms of decorating and give them a modern twist. Simple, natural styles are very popular as are paper cut-outs. Get crafting and hang some up around the door-frame!


 Image source:

Edible Doorway

Gingerbread is one of the most popular Christmas treats as well as one of the tastiest! If you double cook different shapes to make them hard and decorate them, you will definitely have one of the most unique door decorations around!


 Image source:

Get the Family Involved

It’s the Christmas season! So no matter what look you’re trying out this year or how you’re decorating your door, get everyone involved and have fun, that’s what the holidays are all about!

Justine Simpson – United Kingdom

Justine is an interior design blogger and home décor enthusiast who writes for Vibrant Doors UK- specialists and suppliers of internal and external doors.

Interior Design Ideas for Christmas

Christmas time is the right time for renewing the worn out items of your furniture and rejuvenating your home in general. Due to many sales and discounts that are waiting patiently for their time of the year to come, we generally buy more than we actually can and need during the Christmas shopping season.

While unstoppable shopping is an inevitable part of every Advent, you can still save a lot of money if you buy wisely and do not allow the shopping whirlpool to drag you in. And as you are buying all the goods you do not really need, you can also decorate the whole home with interesting but affordable decorations.

Jingle Bells

Decorating with Lights


Home-made Looks Better

When decorating a home for Christmas, you should first see what you can do alone or with your friends and children. Many decorations can be made by using only paper, scissors, and glue. Many decoration patterns are already given online and you can print them out and use them as models for other decorations. You can make paper angels or various drawings with Biblical or family motifs. If you your children join in, as well, the joy becomes even greater, because kids will love making different shapes and drawings. You can also get a special board for the decorations and drawings you make.

On the other hand, these home-made decorations can be put on the Christmas tree, as well. Although it is modern today to buy Christmas ornaments which can be used years and years in a row, making your own decorations will give you a special feeling of Christmas (especially if you are doing that while watching Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life).

Before making your own decorations, you can get yourself a new carpet or a rug. This year shaggy rugs are trendy and they can come as the handy flooring for the ornament-making process, especially if you have kids, to keep them warm and cozy.


Jingle Bells

Bells are one of the most widespread Christmas customs. They can be put in each and every corner of your home and they will contribute to the whole Christmassy ambiance.

To start from, you must hand at least one bell on the front door. Whenever someone enters your home, the bell will go ding dong.

Apart from the front door, hang some bells on the Christmas tree, as well. Bells on a Christmas tree have a long tradition and they are inevitable, just like Christmas balls. Furthermore, if you have a car, you can place a bell in the car, as well. In combination with children and snow, it will make an impression of a strange urban motorized sleigh.

(image source}

Lively Christmas lights

Decorating a home for Christmas is nothing without appropriate Christmas lights. Based on the Christian tradition of lighting candles in churches, lights are installed during the Christmas season to greet the birth of the son of God. According to another explanation, Christmas lights do not only welcome the Messiah but also refer to the star of the east which shone tremendously the night Jesus was born.

Whatever the truth is, we use a lot of Christmas lights today and they can really look spectacular when put around the room or the Christmas tree. The cost of the lights varies significantly. If you want your lights only to shine, you will pay less, but there will be also many lighting modes.

Some lights or modes just emit light without any pauses. In addition to that, they also change colours, i.e. there are lights in several colours and they blink interchangeably.



Jingle Lights

Mute lights are affordable and less expensive. However, there are Christmas lights that both blink and play music. That type of lights costs more but it really adds to the overall magical atmosphere of Christmas. The Christmas lights are not only meant for interior decoration. You must have seen at least once that cheesy Christmas film with Chevy Chase when he wants to line up the whole American-dream-suburban house with lights and lamps. Well, that scene is enough for every sane adult person to give up installing exterior lights themselves.

Since those lights for the outer part of your home need to be a little bit different from those made for the interior use, due to humidity and coldness resistance, it is the best option to ask the shop where you buy them if they do the installation service.

Christmas really is the period of year when the world around us is being repaired and improved for new challenges. People tend to be more relaxed and more united. That is why decorating home comes hand in hand with Christmas. It is the marker of a different world and people enjoy that change.

Contributing Writer

Written by:  Sophie Andersen

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Decorative Bathroom Floors for a Luxurious Look

When someone says bathroom, what people usually think of is all white, shiny and a bit sterile environment. And white bathroom tiles have earned their reputation for a reason. They create the impression of clean, fresh and above all they are bright enough to allow you to match it with the color of bathroom accessories. Now, in order to avoid the monotony of 50 shades of white, you can experiment with different options for bathroom floors. If chosen smartly, a patterned, mosaic or design floor can add warmth and style to your bathroom

Wet-proof is the word

The first thing to keep in mind when talking about bathroom floors is that bathrooms are above all moist and steamy environments, and as such, they require suitable flooring material. The usual flooring options like solid wood, carpet, and laminate are out of the question, as they can’t withstand the damp conditions on a daily basis. Occasional showers may raise the layers of laminate floors, causing warping and swelling of the wood. Although they have many benefits, like the softness and warm feeling under feet, carpet can start to rot if exposed to constant wetness. Not to mention bad odors and the cleaning.

Stone floor for bathroom

Found on

Ubiquitous natural stone

On the other hand, stone floors are waterproof, durable and stylish. They come in a number of different varieties, from luxurious marble to the subtle tones of limestone and slate, and the rusticity of granite. Stone floors will give your bathroom a unique finish but bear in mind that most of the stone types are porous and need sealing. If no sealant is applied, stone tiles may absorb the moisture and stain easily. Even when they are sealed, they require a bit more maintenance than ceramic tiles. They should be swept and vacuumed for dust and eventual spills should be wiped immediately.


Found on

Warmth of porcelain

Porcelain and ceramic tiles, on the other hand, look and feel like stone, but without natural imperfections and at a lower price. They can take the beating, clean well and above all can be used in combination with underfloor heating, so they are a favorite option for bathroom renovations. Their maintenance includes sweeping and wiping with a non-abrasive mop and sponge.

Plethora floors

Found on

Plethora of grains

Although real wood is not suitable for bathrooms, engineered wood floors which have a hardwood top layer come in many beautiful shapes. Unless specified by the manufacturer, these solid wood floors should not be used with underfloor heating. These engineered tiles are composed of several layers of wood, with the grain of the center layer running at right angles to the outer layers. This composition is resistant to movement and warping and can be combined with underfloor heating.

Found on

Color palette of vinyl

The last but not the least, rubber floors are simply perfect for the bathroom. They are resilient, soft, slip-resistant, easy to clean and most importantly waterproof. They come in a variety of designs, from smooth to studded patterns and in an astounding array of colors. Similarly to rubber tiles, vinyl floors come in sheets or tiles. They are hygienic and damp-proof and are delivered in a number of finishes. Maintenance-wise they are the simplest option, as just a quick mopping will bring them to life.

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Ideas For Preparing Your Kid’s Birthday

If your child is about to celebrate his or her birthday, a great way to celebrate their love for animals is to plan an animal-themed birthday party.  The bond between children and animals is somewhat difficult to explain. Children seem to react quite instinctively and positively to animals they are introduced to. No matter if those animals are parrots, dogs, cats or even some wild animals in the zoo, kids usually expose a high level of adoration and attraction to animals.  The following ideas are for kids from 3 to 6 years of age.

Fairytale animals come true

Once you have decided that your child’s birthday is going to be a thematic one and that the theme is going to be the animal world, it would be quite handy to engage some fairy tale characters into the whole story. That can be done by dressing up yourself and your spouse as Winnie the Pooh, Bagheera or Baloo from The Jungle Book, or some more up-to-date characters, such as Shrek or Donkey. In addition to that, you can make children dress up as fairy tale animal characters.

Plants and animals hand in hand

Dressing up as fictional characters can be quite a demanding task for your fellow parents and their children. Maybe it would be wise that you extend the range of fairy tale characters to plants, as well. While girls like to be princesses and boys most often pirates, they can find inspiration in fairy tales. They can also make up their own flower or plant that could be from a fairy tale. It is most probable that girls will be more into making a flower costume. To avoid social differences popping up, you can write on the invitation card that every costume is welcome. That way some kids whose parents cannot afford making a real costume can still dress up as a flower simply by wearing a flower girls’ dress and making a flowery crown for the head.

A fairy-tale cake

What would a fairy-tale birthday be without a proper and genuine fairy-tale cake? If you are skillful and like making cakes yourself, there are many recipes for incredible cakes all over the Internet. For instance, some people have already made cakes inspired by the wonderful Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris and many other fairytale-like edifices. Apart from that, children at that age still love when you read them stories, so, why not making a cake in the shape of a fairy-tale book. If the party is the animal-themed one, the cake can also be a character from a fairy tale.

All the above-mentioned steps related to the process of organizing your kid’s birthday may not be easy, but it will be fun.  Create a budget and sort out your ideas to make the party a roaring success.  If your budget is substantial, you can just hire birthday party animators and professional organizers to prepare everything. Your ultimate goal is to make sure your child feel special and loved on their special day.

Written by:  Sophie Andersen – Lifestyle Writer | Blogger

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