An emphasis or focal point is the dominant item in a room that your eye is most drawn to. This could be a chandelier, fireplace, a beautiful bed or a window with a beautiful view.

Travertine house: beige living room

You can enhance the built-in focal point by arranging furniture around it to emphasize it or if a room that lacks such a point of interest you can create one through groupings of furniture or using an unusual or large piece.


If you are unsure as to where the focal point is in a room, the formula is quite simple. A focal point will attract interest and attention in a room. It is the je ne sais quoi that will draw your eye to the décor of the room.

Living room and dining roomA focal point can also create a certain mood or theme that will define the emotional impact the room is intended to create.  There is usually only one, two, or three focal points in a well-designed room.   A great focal point can often make a room look quite stunning.

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