Have you ever felt a desire to do something wild and daring with your home but never had the chance? Have you spent countless hours looking at pictures of rooms with daring designs, furniture with unusual lines, patterns looking perfect against each other even though that never seemed possible? Combining different prints and patterns can make a room really come alive, but the question is — how not to make your room look like a circus in the end? Here is some basic information considering patterns mixing in your home:

Balance is the key

First of all, remember these magic numbers: 60-30-10. It is an approach to home decoration where you should first have 60 percent of your favorite pattern, 30 percent of another pattern, and 10 percent of a third one just to accent everything. Try three patterns in a range of scales and see how it works out, don’t be afraid to experiment a bit. Keep in mind that using the same colours with different patterns can help balance things out and make even disparate patterns seem well-placed and in harmony. Emphasis should be put on underplayed shared colours in the patterns.

Floral Pattern

Image found on houseandgarden.co.uk

Size does matter

Remember this: large pieces go well with large patterns while small patterns are perfect for small pieces. When choosing the place for the patterns you decided to use, always have in mind the space in which it will be placed. A large pattern works best on a large item, such as a wall, window treatment or area rug, because the space is large enough to accommodate the pattern in its entirety.  A medium pattern is better suited to furniture and a small pattern to accent pieces.  (Note: Sometimes, small patterns can look busy when used is large amounts.)

Patterns in action

Image found on lindaahman.se

Toile + toile + stripes

Toile represents a scenic print filled with people and animals in action (seems a bit formal). It may seem too much even on its own, let alone adding something to it. However, if it’s carefully layered and has some stripes added to it, it can feel right. Try this: use one richly-coloured, large toile for the drapes and add some more only with less vivid backgrounds. Unbelievably, all this can be unified with some lovely, striped rugs and pillows in soft colours which will connect all.

source. hometalk.com
source:  hometalk.com

Zigzag + Scroll + Geometric

Do not be afraid to fill the room with sharp, black-and-white patterns if you like it. Just make sure you also use softeners such as scroll pillows in soft tones, cocoa-coloured sofa, and emerald green plants. If you choose to put some crazy wallpapers on your walls, it might be a good idea to put in on one wall only, rather than all four. Also, it should be the wall in front of which comes the sofa and the armchairs. While you want to enjoy it when you walk in, it might be tiring to look at it all the time.

 source: wearandwhere.co.uk

source: wearandwhere.co.ukFloral + Gingham

If you like floral patterns, you might want to temper it with simple pillows: giant gingham pattern looks great. Plain white furniture makes floral print feel modern rather than boring and old.

source: decoratingfiles.com
source: decoratingfiles.com

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