Are you seeking a fresh new look to your living space and you're not sure if you need to get a complete overhaul, what pieces to use or you just don't know where to begin?

So you need to revamp the guest bedroom for visiting family and friends or you have all the elements, but you don't know how to make it all come together.  You have a busy lifestyle and no time for decorating and you want to keep the cost low.

Signature Makeover is a one room-one day makeover plan that's the perfect solution to help you get on the road to a happier home.  This service is all about using what you have and maybe purchasing a few new elements to enhance the look to create the stylish space you envision.

Our Design Team can integrate various design styles, and show you new ways to spruce up your home within your budget.  In just a few hours, we can freshen up your room with items you already have to create a new and inviting living space.

If after our initial consultation we determine that other pieces are needed to complete the look, we can provide shopping services for an additional fee of $75 per hour (3-hour minimum billed=$225) or you can do the shopping on your own prior to installation day if you prefer. We will suggest ideas of what to purchase on consultation day.

This design service is a great idea for those who:

  • want to decorate for the holidays
  • are experiencing recent life changes: Downsizing, single again, marriage, new baby, blended family
  • are seeking the ideal gift for a newlywed couple, housewarming, first apartment, etc.
  • are leasing and don't want to spend a ton of money on property owned by someone else
  • own great furniture pieces, but can't seem to pull it all together
  • cringe at the thought of shopping for furniture and accessories
  • simply desire a beautiful, inviting home

How It Works

An initial consultation is $275 and must be paid at the time of booking. (initial consultation is not included in the flat fee)
Initial In-Home Visit

Schedule an in-home visit for an initial 1-hour consultation to assess the space and the existing pieces you already own.

Pay For Service

Signature Makeover is a flat fee of $950 per session (up to 2 rooms). Must be paid before presentation of Recommendation Report.

Recommendation Report

We will provide a written plan for the space, including suggestions for any new items that are needed.

Installation & Reveal

We will rearrange your space to give you a fresh, new look in 3 to 6 hours (depending on the scope of work) and then the Big Reveal of a new, beautiful space!

We do not:

  • Move heavy furniture from one room to another or up and downstairs
  • Hang large and heavy pieces of art, mirrors, or tapestries
  • Paint or repair walls
  • Heavy dusting and cleaning.  Your home should be cleaned and ready for us to install.