Interior Design Should Be Dramatic, Not Traumatic!

Signature Designs is an award-winning design company specializing in interior design for residential, commercial and small businesses. We have been designing creative and innovative spaces for Houston and abroad for over 15 years.  We work to create a fluid environment where all the elements are complementary, creating a sophisticated atmosphere that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on providing the most stylish, yet functional spaces that are tailored to each client’s budget. We offer guidance throughout the entire design process whether you are purchasing furniture, remodeling or revamping your interior space. Our goal is to bring your vision to life through function, form, and fusion.

Full-Service Interior Design

Our design team can create beautiful spaces, designed to bring form, function, and fusion to your home. Our services are for projects of any size and budget concentrating on whole-home or whole-room designs, including new construction, renovation, furnishing & interior styling. This service starts at $3000.

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