The new age of flooring design is coming. It is more likely that we will be seeing different patterns in the future instead of the old monotonous looks that we used to have in the previous years. People are attempting to simplify their living space with less furniture and to have more “air to breathe”. This trend leaves more space for many other opportunities. For instance, if you choose to put only one mirror and one sitting bench into your hallway, then you can accent it with a unique choice of floor design instead of overdoing it with unnecessary details.

Black and white floors

Abstract black and white floors

As we mentioned before, rooms with less furniture are perfect for some interesting floor designing. You might have seen many movies in which floors are represented in various interesting black and white combinations. So, why do filmmakers choose these floors particularly? First of all, these are contrast colors which can be very effective and eye-catching. Secondly, it opens the space giving you the impression that the room is larger than it actually is. In addition, we can also mention that different geometric combinations can also give three-dimensional air, especially if you choose a labyrinth pattern. You can also choose chessboard or puzzle patterns which will give to your room a dose of mysticism and some special charm.

Decorative Floor tiles

Authentic hardwood floors

For your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen, you will probably use hardwood floors. Due to its durability and warmth, wood is a perfect choice for more intimate spaces where you will be spending a lot of your free time. You can also experiment with wooden floors too. For instance, you don’t need to select only one type of wood for parquet flooring. By mixing oak with rosewood, oak or mahogany, you will be able to get very interesting flooring patterns that could possibly look a bit retro but stylish. If Russian emperors were using them, why wouldn’t you? You do not have as much money as Russian emperors had, no problem. Swedes would simply repaint their old hardwood flooring and it would still look gorgeous.

Interesting floor decoration

Carpeting and selection of a rug

For those who have less money to invest in flooring, carpeting is a very cheap but interesting and good-looking flooring option. There are almost endless possibilities in selecting an appropriate pattern that will suit you best. You can find it in many colors, so it will match your walls or furniture perfectly. Or you can choose simple, one colored carpeting and then add some details by putting an interesting rug over it. Shaggy rugs can give a whole new dimension to your home. Placing a rug on top of carpet? Why not?! You can even cover your walls with cotton creating a comfortable atmosphere from Parisian bedrooms.

Whatever your plans are, use your imagination and creativity to bring them to life. Search for different ideas in different cultures. In this article particularly, we traveled from Russia to Sweden and France, mixing their knowledge to give you a good starting point and guide you even further than what you have experienced or you are expecting to see every day.

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